Flow Down Like Silver

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Total Pages : 310 pages
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Book Synopsis Flow Down Like Silver by : Ki Longfellow

Download or read book Flow Down Like Silver written by Ki Longfellow and published by . This book was released on 2009 with total page 310 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Ki Longfellow, author of the acclaimed The Secret Magdalene, has now written the astonishing life of Hypatia, famed throughout the Mediterranean world, a beauty and a genius, yet for 17 centuries ignored by history. As the Roman Empire fights for its life and emerging Christianity fights for our souls, Hypatia is the last great voice of reason. A woman of sublime intelligence, Hypatia ranks above not only all women, but all men. Hypatia dazzled the world with her brilliance, was courted by men of every persuasion and was considered the leading philosopher and mathematician of her age...yet her mathematics, her inventions, the very story of her life in all its epic and dramatic intensity, has gone untold. A heart-breaking love story, an heroic struggle against intolerance, a tragedy and a triumph, Hypatia walks through these pages fully realized while all around her Egypt's Alexandria, the New York City of its day, strives to remain a beacon of light in a darkening world.

The Secret Magdalene

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Publisher : Crown
ISBN 13 : 0307346676
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Book Synopsis The Secret Magdalene by : Ki Longfellow

Download or read book The Secret Magdalene written by Ki Longfellow and published by Crown. This book was released on 2007-12-31 with total page 450 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Raised like sisters, Mariamne and Salome are indulged with riches, position, and learning-a rare thing for females in Jerusalem. But Mariamne has a further gift: an illness has left her with visions; she has the power of prophecy. It is her prophesying that drives the two girls to flee to Egypt, where they study philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy in the Great Library of Alexandria. After seven years they return to a Judaea where many now believe John the Baptizer is the messiah. Salome too begins to believe, but Mariamne, now called Magdalene, is drawn to his cousin, Yeshu’a, a man touched by the divine in the same way she was during her days of illness. Together they speak of sharing their direct experience of God; but Yeshu’a unexpectedly gains a reputation as a healer, and as the ill and the troubled flock to him, he and Magdalene are forced to make a terrible decision. This radical retelling of the greatest story ever told brings Mary Magdalene to life-not as a prostitute or demon-possessed-but as an educated woman who was truly the “apostle to the apostles.”

Hypatia of Alexandria

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Publisher : Harvard University Press
ISBN 13 : 0674736508
Total Pages : 182 pages
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Book Synopsis Hypatia of Alexandria by : Maria Dzielska

Download or read book Hypatia of Alexandria written by Maria Dzielska and published by Harvard University Press. This book was released on 1996-10-01 with total page 182 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Hypatia—brilliant mathematician, eloquent Neoplatonist, and a woman renowned for her beauty—was brutally murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in 415. She has been a legend ever since. In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Hypatia's life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. Historians and poets, Victorian novelists and contemporary feminists have seen Hypatia as a symbol—of the waning of classical culture and freedom of inquiry, of the rise of fanatical Christianity, or of sexual freedom. Dzielska shows us why versions of Hypatia's legend have served her champions' purposes, and how they have distorted the true story. She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia's day, with its Library and Museion, pagan cults and the pontificate of Saint Cyril, thriving Jewish community and vibrant Greek culture, and circles of philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers, and militant Christians. Drawing on the letters of Hypatia's most prominent pupil, Synesius of Cyrene, Dzielska constructs a compelling picture of the young philosopher's disciples and her teaching. Finally she plumbs her sources for the facts surrounding Hypatia's cruel death, clarifying what the murder tells us about the tensions of this tumultuous era.

Of Silver and Shadow

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Publisher : North Star Editions, Inc.
ISBN 13 : 1635830559
Total Pages : 480 pages
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Book Synopsis Of Silver and Shadow by : Jennifer Gruenke

Download or read book Of Silver and Shadow written by Jennifer Gruenke and published by North Star Editions, Inc.. This book was released on 2021-02-16 with total page 480 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Ren Kolins, a magic wielder in hiding, strikes a deal with a broody rebel plotting to overthrow the tyrant king, while king’s guard member Adley Farre is hunting down the rebels one by one. But time is running out for all of them.


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Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 13 : 9781479157358
Total Pages : 0 pages
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Book Synopsis Hypatia by : Faith L. Justice

Download or read book Hypatia written by Faith L. Justice and published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. This book was released on 2013-03-17 with total page 0 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Who was Hypatia, Lady Philosopher of Alexandria? A brilliant young mathematician and scientist, murdered by a religious mob? An aging academic assassinated by a rival political party? A sorceress who kept the governor and people of Alexandria in thrall through satanic wiles? Did she discover that the earth circled the sun a thousand years before Copernicus or was she merely a gifted geometry teacher? Hypatia is the subject of much myth-making through the centuries. She's featured in poetry, plays, novels and movies. This collection of essays pulls back the curtain and lets the reader see the real woman behind the stories. You'll find Hypatia needs no embellishment to be a heroine.


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Author :
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN 13 : 0190659149
Total Pages : 208 pages
Book Rating : 4.41/5 ( download)


Book Synopsis Hypatia by : Edward J. Watts

Download or read book Hypatia written by Edward J. Watts and published by Oxford University Press. This book was released on 2017-02-01 with total page 208 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A philosopher, mathematician, and martyr, Hypatia is one of antiquity's best known female intellectuals. During the sixteen centuries following her murder, by a mob of Christians, Hypatia has been remembered in books, poems, plays, paintings, and films as a victim of religious intolerance whose death symbolized the end of the Classical world. But Hypatia was a person before she was a symbol. Her great skill in mathematics and philosophy redefined the intellectual life of her home city of Alexandria. Her talent as a teacher enabled her to assemble a circle of dedicated male students. Her devotion to public service made her a force for peace and good government in a city that struggled to maintain trust and cooperation between pagans and Christians. Despite these successes, Hypatia fought countless small battles to live the public and intellectual life that she wanted. This book rediscovers the life Hypatia led, the unique challenges she faced as a woman who succeeded spectacularly in a man's world, and the tragic story of the events that led to her tragic murder.

The Devil in Silver

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Publisher : One World
ISBN 13 : 0812982258
Total Pages : 434 pages
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Book Synopsis The Devil in Silver by : Victor LaValle

Download or read book The Devil in Silver written by Victor LaValle and published by One World. This book was released on 2013-09-10 with total page 434 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • The Washington Post • Publishers Weekly New Hyde Hospital’s psychiatric ward has a new resident. It also has a very, very old one. Pepper is a rambunctious big man, minor-league troublemaker, working-class hero (in his own mind), and, suddenly, the surprised inmate of a budget-strapped mental institution in Queens, New York. He’s not mentally ill, but that doesn’t seem to matter. He is accused of a crime he can’t quite square with his memory. In the darkness of his room on his first night, he’s visited by a terrifying creature with the body of an old man and the head of a bison who nearly kills him before being hustled away by the hospital staff. It’s no delusion: The other patients confirm that a hungry devil roams the hallways when the sun goes down. Pepper rallies three other inmates in a plot to fight back: Dorry, an octogenarian schizophrenic who’s been on the ward for decades and knows all its secrets; Coffee, an African immigrant with severe OCD, who tries desperately to send alarms to the outside world; and Loochie, a bipolar teenage girl who acts as the group’s enforcer. Battling the pill-pushing staff, one another, and their own minds, they try to kill the monster that’s stalking them. But can the Devil die? The Devil in Silver brilliantly brings together the compelling themes that spark all of Victor LaValle’s radiant fiction: faith, race, class, madness, and our relationship with the unseen and the uncanny. More than that, it’s a thrillingly suspenseful work of literary horror about friendship, love, and the courage to slay our own demons. Praise for The Devil in Silver “A fearless exploration of America’s heart of darkness . . . a dizzying high-wire act.”—The Washington Post “LaValle never writes the same book and his recent is a stunner. . . . Fantastical, hellish and hilarious.”—Los Angeles Times “It’s simply too bighearted, too gentle, too kind, too culturally observant and too idiosyncratic to squash into the small cupboard of any one genre, or even two.”—The New York Times Book Review “Embeds a sophisticated critique of contemporary America’s inhumane treatment of madness in a fast-paced story that is by turns horrifying, suspenseful, and comic.”—The Boston Globe “LaValle uses the thrills of horror to draw attention to timely matters. And he does so without sucking the joy out of the genre. . . . A striking and original American novelist.”—The New Republic


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Author :
Publisher : Macmillan
ISBN 13 : 1429991097
Total Pages : 308 pages
Book Rating : 4.94/5 ( download)


Book Synopsis Silver by : Rhiannon Held

Download or read book Silver written by Rhiannon Held and published by Macmillan. This book was released on 2012-06-05 with total page 308 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Urban fantasy takes a walk on the wild side in Silver, the remarkable debut novel from Rhiannon Held. Andrew Dare is a werewolf. He's the enforcer for the Roanoke pack, and responsible for capturing or killing any Were intruders in Roanoke's territory. But the lone Were he's tracking doesn't smell or act like anyone he's ever encountered. And when he catches her, it doesn't get any better. She's beautiful, she's crazy, and someone has tortured her by injecting silver into her veins. She says her name is Silver, and that she's lost her wild self and can't shift any more. The packs in North America have a live-and-let-live attitude, and try not to overlap with each other. But Silver represents a terrible threat to every Were on the continent. Andrew and Silver will join forces to track down this menace while discovering their own power and their passion for each other. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


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Total Pages : 736 pages
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Book Synopsis Richmondshire by : Edmund Bogg

Download or read book Richmondshire written by Edmund Bogg and published by . This book was released on 1908 with total page 736 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt:

Running Silver

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Author :
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN 13 : 149300123X
Total Pages : 304 pages
Book Rating : 4.31/5 ( download)


Book Synopsis Running Silver by : John Waldman

Download or read book Running Silver written by John Waldman and published by Rowman & Littlefield. This book was released on 2013-10-15 with total page 304 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: That one could “walk drishod on the backs” of schools of salmon, shad, and other fishes moving up Atlantic coast rivers was a not uncommon kind of description of their migratory runs during early Colonial times. Accounts tell of awe-inspiring numbers of spawners pushing their way upriver, the waters “running silver,” to complete life cycles that once replenished critical marine fisheries along the Eastern Seaboard. This is a hugely important, fascinating, and unique look at the fish of North America whose history and life-cycles and conservation challenges are poorly understood. Despite these primordial abundances, over the centuries these stocks were so stressed that virtually all are now severely depressed, with many biologically or commercially extinct and some simply forgotten. Running Silver will tell the story of the past, present and future of these sea-river fish. This important book will elevate public consciousness of the contrasts between the historical and the present to show the enormous legacy that has already been lost and to help inspire efforts to save what remains. Drawing on the author's thirty-year career as a scientist and educator with a passion for the native river fish of the North East, Running Silver tells the story of these endangered fish with a mix of research, historical accounts, anecdotes, personal experience, interviews, and images.